<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/15/59/03/170504082061.jpg?t=1550499562"><br>Make your vacation permanent at this beautifully master planned, gated community built by world renowned OHL builders. The community has a mix of residential, commercial, sports club, 18-hole golf course, and beach club. It takes all the finest qualities of resort living and turns into daily life! Come enjoy the lazy river, 4 different playgrounds for children, PGS golf course, roof gardens, and more! This Tropical paradise is sure to wow all residents and guests alike! Pre-sale is moving fast! Direction: Use the ramp to Playa del Carmen/Tulum, Drive to Carr. Cancun - Tulum/ Mexico 307 in Playa del Carmen, Merge onto Carr. Canc n - Tulum/M xico 307 ,Keep left to continue on 50 Avenida Norte/Carr. Cancun - Tulum/Mexico 307<br>